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Located in the southern end of the Deccan Plateau, Wayanadu is a district in Kerala with many mountainous spots, deep valleys, zigzags, jungles, dense forests and lofty ridges. It is the least urbanized district in Kerala. A lion part of the district is set on Western Ghats, making it one of the few places where the beauty and mysteriousness of the Ghats evolve. The altitude of Wayanadu ranges between 700 and 2100.

Wayanadu has a few unique features from the rest of the districts in Kerala. It shares border with both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the two neighbouring states of Kerala. Furthermore, the district shares border with three districts in Kerala; Malappuram, Kozhikode and Kannur. Despite its status as a ruralized district, Wayanadu is easily accessible from a number of popular cities in India such as Mysoor, Kozhikkode and Kannur

Wayanadu offers plenty of spots for touring, trekking and adventurous travel. The entire district is serene, green, clam and peaceful. Wayanadu tourism is in the stage of evolution. Recently, numerous resorts have been set up close to the major tourist spots in the district.

The tourism depart of Kerala is also making sincere efforts to uplift the touristic scope of the district. Some of most frequented tourist places in Wayanadu are discussed here.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island is the first name that comes to the mind while discussing Wayanadu tourist places. This 950 acre stretching green forest is located on the bank of Kabani, the east flowing river in Kerala. Kuruva Island is a perfect tourist spot for those who are looking for temporary escape from the disturbed city life. The island is extremely bio-diverse and is home to a number of rare species of herbs, birds and orchids. Kuruva Island is located 17 kms away from Mananthavady, towards the east.


Muthanga wild life sanctuary

Located 16 kms east of the town of Suthan Batheri, the Muthanga Wild Life sanctuary is another well-known Wayanadu tourist attractions. It lies very close to the Karnataka border, thus making it easily accessible from Mysore. The Muthanga wild life sanctuary is stretched across 345 sq.kms of the wild forest. It is believed that the sanctuary is the biggest habitat of wild animals in the Malabar region. On your trip to this place, you can easily spot wild animals such as cheetah, bison, wild bear, spotted deer and elephant. Tourists are allowed to take elephant rides through selected areas in the sanctuary.



While visiting Wayanadu, it is important to drive to Lakkid, a high location in the district. It is also a place of picturesque sceneries. It is called the gateway to Wayanadu. This hill station lies at an altitude of 700 m. The site offers you breath-taking views of the deep valley, mountain peaks, winding roads, streams and vegetation. If you love an adventurous trip, the drive from the valley to the hill station through winding roads with several hairpin bends would certainly trill you.


Pazhassi Raja tomb

Wayanadu has a few historical sites as well. The tomb of Pazhassi Raja who is considered to be the Lion of Kerala is located near Mananthavadi. A resort in his name is built adjacent to the tomb. It has turned out to be one of the best tourist places in north Wayanadu.


Soochippara Waterfalls

Missing the marvellous waterfalls at Wayanadu is a big loss. Soochippara waterfall in the district is of rare charm and beauty. The pool below the waterfall is ideal for water rafting, bathing and swimming.

Wayanadu is a perfect place to spend your summer vacation or weekend getaway. It is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to appreciate the natural marvels and the mesmerizing beauty of the Western Ghats. Have any plan to visit Wayanadu? Give us a call. We can definitely help you pinpoint best tour packages from Wayanadu.

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