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When it comes to tourist destinations in Kerala, Trivandrum is one of them topping the chart. It is also the capital city of Kerala and thus home to the most of the major governmental offices in Kerala. With busy commercial centres and low costal hills, sprawling beaches and pilgrim centres, Trivandrum is situated on the west cost of India.

Trivandrum tourism

Trivandrum is the miniature of the entire state of Kerala because anything you can find in the rest of Kerala can be found here, for instance hill stations, beaches, backwaters, wide life sanctuaries, lagoons, etc. On top of these, Trivandrum has another unique feature; it is the most reputed place in India for medical tourism, thanks to the numerous Ayurveda centres in the city. Every foreign national visiting India makes sure that he comes by Trivandrum at least once before the departure. Well, let us see some of the tourist places in Trivandrum.


Beaches in Trivandrum

Since Trivandrum is a coastal city, it is better to start reviewing the Trivandrum tourist attractions from beaches.



Trivandrum has a number of sprawling beaches, many of them crowed with tourists all throughout the year. The Shangumugam beach is the first beach spotted by tourists coming to Trivandrum because it is located very close to the Trivandrum International Airport. Unlike many other busy beaches, the Shangumugam beach is clam, in spite of hundreds of visitors. It appeals to tourists who want to spend some time for relaxing, watching the sunset or have some meaningful time with the family in the evenings. There are many world class restaurants and coffee shops on its shore. An open air theatre with wide space for car parking is a remarkable feature of this beach.


Varkala Papanasam beach

Located about fifty km away from the city, the Papanasam beach at Varkala is a must-visit beach in Kerala. The mineral water springs and cliffs at the beach are of unique attractions. Besides the beach, Varkala is a popular pilgrim centre as well. The tomb of the great social reformer of Kerala, Sree Narayana Guru, is at this place.


Kovalam beach

The internationally reputed Kovalam beach is located just 12 km south of Trivandrum. The beach has a wonderful bay of calm waters which is ideal for sea bathing. Owing to the sincere renovation efforts by the National Tourism Development Corporation, Kovalam has turned out to be one of the best beaches in India and one of the must-visit Trivandrum tourist places. On the shore of this lengthy beach, there are many castles with swimming pools, cottages, medical tourism facilities such as Ayurvedic clinics, yoga centres and oil bath and massage centres. The popular Rajiv Gandhi Convention Centre which has the capacity for about 1000 delegates is very close to the Kovalam beach.



Veli lagoon is an exciting site for outing. It is located on the outskirts of the city, surrounded partially by the Veli Lake. There is a popular boat club and well-crafted tourist village here, which have become one of the major Trivandrum tourist attractions over the years. Veli is the right place in Trivandrum to organize get-togethers or to go row-boating or pedal-boating.



Apart from numerous outstanding beaches, Trivandrum has a number of other attractions as well. Ponmudi, situated 912 m above the sea level, is a popular hill station in Trivandrum. The hill is surrounded by many rubber estates and tea plantations. Of late, many hill resorts are being built on and around the hill, attracting foreign as well as domestic tourists

With numerous attractive places to visit, Trivandrum is certainly a tourist destination worth visiting in Kerala. If you are looking for the best tourist packages from Trivandrum, leave us a message or contact us over the phone. We can certainly the best tour operators in Trivandrum.