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Kerala, the southern state in the Indian subcontinent, is globally known for its attractive tourist destinations. What distinguishes it from other southern states or the rest of India is its greenery. Every year, thousands of tourists, both foreign nationals and domestic visitors, come to Kerala and enjoy its rich and breath-taking panorama.

Kumarakom, located in the central district of Kottayam in Kerala, has always been a place of attraction and appeal to the tourists. If you are visiting Kerala to enjoy its backwaters, Kumarakom is ideally the right place to come by. A true paradise on earth, this marvellous place is definitely the crown of Kerala tourism.

Geographical details

Kumarakom, as said earlier is located in Kottayam, the central district in Kerala. The place has Lake Vembanadu as its backdrop. Since it is located in the central part of Kerala, it is equally accessible to everyone in the state and also for tourists from outer Kerala and India.


Tourist places in Kumarakom

The major attraction of Kumarakom is its backwaters. Lake Vembanadu, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, offers tourists an unforgettable time. You can enjoy through the backwaters of Kumarakom aboard houseboats. Because of its exquisite houseboat experience, Kumarakom has become the number one tourist destination of honeymoon trippers and family holidaymakers


Kumarakom bird sanctuary

Another attraction of Kumarakom tourism is the bird sanctuary. The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is located on the bank of backwaters, stretching approximately around 14 acres across the lake Vembanadu. According to ornithologists, this sanctuary is the favourite abode of rare migratory birds like teal, heron, Siberian stork, egret etc.



Among the multiple Kumarakom tourist attractions, the Pathiramanal Lake takes a glorious position. Stretching over 10 acres, this small island is home to a large number of migratory birds. You have to depend on boats to reach this island.


Boat races at Kumarakom

Houseboats, travel boats and speedboats can be found anywhere in the lakes or backwaters. But the sight of snake boats is the private pride of Kumarakom. The snake boats are designed to participate in the annually conducted boat races. The Sree Narayana Ever Rolling Trophy boat race is an annual event attended by hundreds of tourists from different places.


Kumarakom resorts

Kumarakom tourist places are mostly the banks of the backwaters. Of late, a slew of modern tourist resorts have emerged on the banks of Kumarakom. Many of them offer attractive tour packages from Kumarakom. The Taj Garden retreat, one of the first modern tourist resorts in Kumarakom, which was built about 133 years stands as a memoire of the legacy and pride of Kumarakom tourism. This two story bungalow was engineered by Alfred George Baker.

Being one of the best backwater tourist destinations in the world, Kumarakom is a must visit place. To visit Kumarakom or to know about various tour packages from Kumarakom, contact us. We, one of the most reputed tour operators in Kuarakom are extremely happy to help you anytime.