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South India is best known for its historic tourist destinations, attractive beaches and wonderful hill stations. Kanyakumari is a district in Tamil Nadu which got its name from the goddess Devi Kanya Kumari, who chances to be the sister of Lord Krishna.

The best attractions of Kanyakumari are its majestic hills and sprawling sea shores. In fact, the district of Kanyakumari is surrounded by hills on one side and sea shores on the other side. The plains are dotted by paddy fields and coconut trees. It is one of the rare places in India where you can see sea-coast and mountainous terrains lying very close by.

Tourist places in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari has no dearth of tourist places. It has several attractive beaches with groves of coconuts on the shores, old temples, churches, hill stations and historic sites. A brief account on some of the known Kanyakumari tourist places is given below.


Agastyar mala

Believed to be the place where the legendary sage Agastyar lived, Agastyar mala attracts many tourists, devotees and historians. It is said that Agastya founded Siddha Vydya. The place has a large collection of medicinal plants.


Nagaraja temple

The popular Hindu pilgrim centre Nagaraja Temple is located in Kanyakumari, close to Nagarcoil town. The temple is visited by devotees from different parts of India. Millions of devotees come to the temple during the annual feast.


Kanyakumari beach

Kanyakumari tourism is incomplete without its marvellous beaches. What differentiate Kanyakumari beaches from other beaches are the breath-taking sights of sunsets and sunrises. Numerous tourists visit the beach to witness the marvellous natural beauty of sunset and sunrise here


Vivekanda Rock and Tiruvalluvar statue

Vivekanda Rock and Tiruvalluvar statue are in fact the landmarks of Kanyakumari. Both sites are located on the islands, away from the mainland. Tourists can take ferries to Vivekananda rock. Most ferries drop by the Tiruvalluvar statue on return.


Baywatch water theme park

Kanyakumari has one of the most popular and modernized water theme parks in India, the Baywatch. The management of Baywatch claims that the park has met all international quality and safety standards. So, if you want to spend some fun time after visiting the landscapes, beaches or historic sites in Kanyakumari, Baywatch is a good option.



Folks visiting Kanyakumari do not miss the chance to go to Kuttralam on their way back. The natural waterfalls at Kuttralam are of rare beauty and attraction. Thus, Kuttralam has a significant place among the different Kanyakumari tourist attractions. It is believed that the water flowing down the Kuttralam natural waterfalls has medicinal value. There are a wide plethora of Ayurvedic healing centers in Kuttralam, making it one of the best Ayurvedic tourism spots in Tamil Nadu. To accommodate tourists coming from different parts of the world, a number of resorts have been built in and around Kuttralam recently.


Mundathurai Tiger sanctuary

Situated in the Western Ghats of India, the Mundathurai Tiger Sanctuary is one of the most frequented Kanyakumari tourist places. Besides being a Tiger sanctuary, Mundathurai is considered to be a rich bio-diverse area.

In addition to the above discussed few places, Kanyakumari has many good places worth visiting which include Padamanbhapuram, Muttam, Pechiparai Dam, Thengapattinam beach, Thiraparappu waterfall, Suchindram temple, etc. We can help you in making your tour to Kanyakumari a memorable one by offering you the best tour packages from Kanyakumari. With years of experience in assisting domestic as well as foreign tourists to explore Kanyakumari tourism, we have been recognized as one of the best tour operators in Kanyakumari.