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Vagamon is situated at 1100 meters above sea level. The place enjoys a pleasant climate ranging between 10 to 23°C during summer season. Vagamon is also known as a tiny plantation township with green and blue shades peppered in the landscape. This color contrast provides ample material for landscape photography and flourishing Vagamon tourism. This place wears multiple beautiful hillocks, cascading waterfalls and lush green valleys. All these attractions make it an enticing place to visit.

This enticing hill station offers a unique environment different from other hill stations of Kerala. Fogged trees and roads in the morning sunlight is a stunning view that you will never forget even after you have long left this place for home. The place also gives an adrenaline rush for people with a taste for adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking and Paragliding. You can best enjoy the place from September to March.

Vagamon Kurisumala

This is a Christian pilgrimage center where hundreds of devotees flock in from different parts of the district to perform religious activities. Devotees gathering at Vagamon at this church carry wooden crosses along with them in memory of Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary.



Small yet one of the most attractive tourist places in Vagamon, the hill lies east of Kurisumala. This hill houses a temple of Lord Murugan and thousands of devotees visit this place every year.



You can find many waterfalls with grassy hillocks, which add beauty to this awesome place. You will find every waterfall different from the other and all of these waterfalls are an ecstasy for people with a love for photography.

If you are travelling to Ramakkalmedu from Vagamon, then it is imperative on your part to select the best route with minimum distance and driving time. To select the most suitable route you can use online route map tool.



Situated on the way to Munnar, the tantalizing panoramic views of villages and towns are an attraction here. Legends have it that Lord Shri Rama—a Hindu mythological lord—placed his foot on this hill leading to the name—Rama –Kal-Medu (meaning the footprints of the Lord Rama).

The hill can be reached by foot or a vehicle. You can find the statues of Kuruvana and Kuruthi at the top of this hill. Ample parking area is available here, but vehicles are not allowed to enter the statue compound. This is also an ideal place to set up a wind farm as uninterrupted high velocity wind blows during the season.

Other Vagamon tourist attractions include the Vagamon Lake, Pine forest, Mundakayam Ghat and Barren hills.

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