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Kollam is a historical city in the state of Kerala. Mentions about Kollam can be found in many historical records from the past. The city is best known for its cashew-nut trade. Located on the banks of Laccadive Sea, about one third of Kollam city is covered by the famous Ashtamudi Lake. Needless to say, the city is reputed to be one of the best places for backwater tourism in Kerala.

The major highlights of Kollam are its historical significances, centuries old trade roots, backwaters, houseboats and beaches. Due to its irresistible appeal to the tourists, older generations in the town or elsewhere in Kerala jokingly say ‘Kollam kandavanu illam venda’ in their vernacular. This saying literally means ‘one who has seen Kollam does not require any other home.’ And once you go to this place, you will come to realize that the saying is absolutely true. You will not feel like leaving the city, its sprawling backwaters and beaches, the centuries old trade centres and many more.

Ashtamudi Lake

Ashtamudi Lake is the second largest lake in Kerala. It surrounds about one third of the city of Kollam. The banks of this lake are dotted by palm trees and coconut groves.


Thangassery harbour

Thangassery harbour is counted as one of the oldest harbours in Kerala. Records show that the harbour was used by foreign traders before independence. The Thangassery harbour is a major landmark of Kollam in addition to being one of the best Kollam tourist places.


Thangassery Fort

Thangassery Fort, also known as St.Thomas Fort, is historical landmark of Kollam. The fort is, however, ruined. The remains of this 20 feet tall fort, stands facing the Kollam beach.


Kollam beach

Kollam has two popular beaches, known as twin beaches; the Kollam beach and Thirumullavaram beach. The Kollam beach is now renamed as Mahathma Gandhi beach and is one of the most visited beaches in Kerala. On the shore of this beach is an international standard park, which is also named after the father of nation.



Kollam is also a place of houseboat tourism. A large number of tour operators in Kollam attract their potential customers by highlighting the specialities of their houseboat rides. The luxurious houseboats with multiple facilities such as kitchen, bathroom attached bedrooms, front room with front view, etc. not only appeal foreign tourists but also the domestic tourists. Houseboats in Kollam offer multiple travel packages. While some tour operators offer only night cruises rounding the city, others offer day and night cruises to various locations such as Kumarakom, Alleppy, Fort Kochi, etc.


Palaruvi Waterfall and Thenmala Eco Tourism

Your visit to Kollam is incomplete without striding through Thenmala eco- tourism project because it has made remarkable presence in the Kollam tourism map. Claimed to be the first planned eco-tourism project in India, the Thenmala eco-tourism offers unique and breath taking vistas to the visitors. Its rich bio-diversity is remarkable.


Palaruvi Waterfalls

The Palaruvi waterfall in Kollam is located somewhat 85 km away from the main city, close to the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Elders in the locality claim that the water falling down this waterfall is medicated because of its lengthy flowing through the forest.

Kollam has an unparallel place in the tourism map of Kerala. If you are confused about choosing the right destination to visit during this holiday, why not consider Kollam and its surroundings? Contact us for any queries regarding affordable tour packages from Kollam.