Lets Plan your trip to kerala


Are you looking forward to spending your summer vacation with family at one of the best beaches in India? If you have googled for the best beaches in India, you would get a long list of answers. In fact, India is a country with numerous attractive beaches. Kerala, the southern state of India has some of the most attractive beaches in India. Kovalam is a renowned beach that is visited and adored by tourists worldwide.

Kovalam beach

Kovalam beach and the beach town are located almost 16 km away from Trivandrum City. It is one of the best beaches by the Arabian Sea. The villages on the shore of Kovalam beach are full of coconut trees, the reason why the beach has got its name. The literary meaning of Kovalam in the local patois is grove of coconut trees. Due to its outstanding sight of coconut trees on the beach and the adjacent village, Kovalam attracts hundreds of tourists every year. It is believed that Kovalam became a popular tourist destination after some European visitors to the then local kingdom noticed its beauty and potentiality in 1930s.


Tourist places in Kovalam

Kovalam tourist places are nothing but the beaches. Here is a brief description about them.


Confluence of three beaches

There are three different beaches in Kovalam. Each beach is separated from the rest by outcropping rocks. The 17 km stretching beach thus offers you a mesmerising view. At the confluence of these three beaches, you can see the breath-taking view of the well-known crescent of the Kovalam beach.


Howah beach

Howah beach (Eve’s beach) is the most visited beach at Kovalam. This beach remains busy from early morning to the late evening. While fishermen setting out for the sea occupy the beach during the early hours of the day, foreign and local tourists get crowded during the afternoon time. The beach has a lengthy bay of blue waters, giving it a splendid look. The beach gives a fabulous sight of aquarelle on moonlit nights.


Lighthouse beach

The lighthouse beach at Kovalam is the southernmost and the largest one in the trio. It is not a notch behind the rest in attracting tourists. The beach got its name owing to the old Vizhinjam lighthouse. Years ago, the Vizhinjam Lighthouse was built on one of the rocky points here. The beams from the Lighthouse give the beach a marvellous sight during the nights.


Samudra beach

The Samudra beach at Kovalam is separated from the rest and the southern side by a large rocky point. Unlike the other two beaches, the Samudra beach is less frequented by tourists or fishermen. So, the beach remains calm and isolated most of the time.


Kovalam beach resorts

Since Kovalam tourism has become one of the top priorities of the state tourism department, many beach resorts have set up at Kovalam in recent years. Furthermore, there are numerous tour operators in Kovalam now, offering many attractive tour packages. The Vizhinjam sea port is located very close to the beach and is a place of religious harmony. You can find here a number of old Hindu temples, churches and mosques. Of late, Kovalam has become a spot of Ayurvedic tourism as well. You can find here numerous Ayurvedic salons.



During your visit to Kovalam, it is not a bad idea to visit Poovar, a small coastal village in Trivandrum. It is located at the southernmost tip of Trivandrum. The Pozhiyur village, which lies close to Poovar, is on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Poovar has a small but beautiful beach and is one of the remarkable Kovalam tourist attractions.

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